2015 OCA AGM

2015 OCA Annual General Meeting will take place on-line, on the OCA website ( www.chessontario.com/forum )  , from Sunday, May 24th 5:00pm EST to Sunday, May 31st  5:00pm EST.


1. President’s report
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Youth Coordinator’s report
4. Secretary’s report
5. Vice-Presidents reports
6. Allocation of OCA Governors between OCA Leagues
7. Ratification of the new members of the Board
8. Election of Officers
9. Consideration of any Special Resolutions
10. Budget for the new fiscal year
11. Ontario Open 2016
12. Other provincial tournaments for the new fiscal year
13. Other business
14. Closing remarks

Ilia Bluvshtein

OCA President

2014 Chess Olympiad

On August 2, clocks will start in the world main chess team competition – Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway. Canada sent both National and Women  teams with strongest players.  Ontarian IM Leonid Gerzhoy plays on board 3. The women team consist mainly of  Ontarians and it is led by Yuanling Yuan.

National team

1. A. Kovalyov
2. E. Hansen
3. L.Gerzhoy
4. B. Sambuev
5. A. Hambleton
Coach V. Plotkin

Women team

1. Y. Yuan
2. N. Khoudgarian
3. A. Botez
4. Q. Zhou
5. N. Starr
Coach Y. Ochkoos

The Olympiad website at https://chess24.com/en/olympiad2014
Results and performances can be followed at http://www.chess-results.com/tnr140380.aspx?lan=1

Good luck to our teams!

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